How we help customers save water (and money!)



88% of people want the businesses and organisations they use to be environmentally friendly. So greening your business will help you attract and retain customers.

Saving water's an important part of this because this reduces demand to extract excessive amounts of water from nature. Climate change and economic growth also mean that water demand is starting to outstrip supply - Yes, even in the rainy UK. In addition, there are significant energy costs to treating, transporting and heating water.

There are lots of easy, low-cost ways that your business and employees can make a difference to our planet and the environment more locally, and they often save you money on your water and energy bills too. Win-win!

Everflow offer a range of water saving products and services we can advise you about or supply you with. We try them out on ourselves and pilot them with customers first so that we only recommend the most effective ones.

We also keep track of funding available to businesses for water saving initiatives that you could access and provide you with tailored predictions of Return-on-Investment for each product.

We know every business is different, so speak to customers before offering them the best options for their organisations, depending on their priorities. If you'd like to find out more, please contact

If you're feeling adventurous, why not ask about joining in with one of our pilots of new products we're testing?

In the background, we continuously engage with regulators like Ofwat and DEFRA and other water companies to ensure everyone is effectively incentivised to reduce wasted water.