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Why proper waste management is vital for hospitality businesses

There’s a growing concern about the large amount of waste the food and accommodation sector generates. Every UK business owner has a duty of care under UK law to manage the waste their business produces – including  its disposal. 

Lets take a look at some of the regulation involved and why proper waste management is so important for businesses in the hospitality industry.

water in a beaker

A beginner's guide to water audits

Your business may be using more water than you think, or even paying for water that is simply going to waste.

Completing a water audit gives you a clear overview of where your business stands in terms of water management, and how it could be improved. We’re going to take a closer look at water audits, examining what benefits they could bring to your business and how you should go about undertaking one.

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Getting familiar with food waste

 In fact, according to Business Waste, the UK throws away as much as 9.5 million tonnes of food waste every year, even though 8.4 million people are living in food poverty.

Let’s take a closer look at the world of food waste, exploring how it impacts UK businesses and what steps can be taken to reduce it.

Running Water

What’s causing pollution in our water supplies and what can you do to help?

Water safety is in trouble in the UK, and you only need to look at the statistics to realise it. According to Surfers Against Sewage, there were over 399,864 discharges of untreated sewage in UK rivers in 2022 alone. What’s more, only 14% of UK rivers had a ‘good’ ecological status in 2023, according to Loughborough University.

So it’s clear that there’s a serious problem, one that impacts us all. But what can UK businesses do to help? Let’s take a look.

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An introduction to tattoo artist waste management

According to Waste Managed, the average tattoo parlour produces 1,300 bags of rubbish every year, and 1.5 million tonnes of waste. This is perhaps no surprise, as the UK is the most tattooed country in the world.

And with so much tattoo waste being unique and difficult to dispose of correctly – such as needles – effective waste management should be a priority for every tattoo artist. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know.

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How can UK businesses help to reduce plastic waste?

Plastic poses a huge threat to the planet, but UK businesses can play a part in fighting its negative impact.

Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken to diminish the amount of plastic sent to landfills in the UK, and businesses have a significant role to play. Let’s take a closer look at the plastic pollution issue, and what UK businesses can do to help

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A who’s who of the water retail market

Knowing more about the water retail market can give you the tools you need to choose the best supplier for your business, effectively saving you significant costs in the long run. What’s more, you’ll be better equipped to find a green water supply that aligns with your organisation’s sustainability commitments.

Let’s take a closer look at who’s who within the water retail market.


A brief history of water supply in the UK

The history of our water supply is closely linked to that of our economic and industrial growth. Understanding this history is not just about appreciating the past, it's about gaining insights that can shape future business strategies in an era where water efficiency and sustainability are more than just buzzwords. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key milestones in our water supply history, shedding light on lessons that businesses can leverage today.

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What is a sustainable water tariff and how does it work?

In the heart of every responsible business is a commitment not only to economic growth but also to long term sustainability. Of course, lowering carbon emissions, placing emphasis on recycling and reducing the consumption of raw materials are all critical features of any sustainability strategy. But not every organisation is placing the same emphasis on a sustainable approach to water. 

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What’s a water strategy and how can you get one?

Effective water management has a lot of benefits, from contributing to your organisation’s sustainability efforts to saving you money in the long run. But getting to grips with your commercial water use requires both time and effort, with a comprehensive water strategy playing a vital role.

We’re going to take a closer look at business water strategies, asking what they should include and how your business can benefit.

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Eight technological advances in leak detection you should know about

A leaky tap or pipe may not seem like a huge problem to your business, but over time, this seemingly small issue can turn into something much larger and more costly. In fact, according to the Association of British Insurers, escape of water costs £2.5 million a day, or almost £1 billion a year.

Let’s shine a light on eight of the most innovative technological advances in leak detection to ensure your business isn’t paying for water you’re not using. 

trade effluent

Trade effluent

Under section 118 of the 1991 Water Industry Act, it is an offence to discharge trade effluent (sewerage) without consent from the water wholesaler, so it’s really important you obtain consent before disposing. 


Ten effective solutions for managing hazardous waste

When handled irresponsibly, hazardous waste can spell danger for both your business and the environment.

hat does responsible hazardous waste management look like, and what steps can your business take to improve their waste management?


Water supplies around the world: the pros and cons of the UK system

How does the UK’s water supply system differ from other countries, and is it benefitting your business?


From reservoir to running water: here’s what it takes to keep your business’s water supply consistent

The way the water industry works in the UK remains a mystery for many businesses. But it’s well worth taking the time to understand the various factors involved in commercial water supply, as this can help you make informed decisions and choose the right supplier for your business needs.


The environmental impact of commercial waste and how businesses can make a difference

The environmental impact of commercial waste can be significant, but businesses aren’t powerless. Organisations of all sizes and structures hold the power to make a significant difference. Let’s take a closer look at the impact commercial waste can have, and the steps companies can take towards a more sustainable future.


From trash to treasure: the potential of waste-to-energy technology

Technology is always evolving, creating more and more possibilities for tech-led waste management.

Enter waste-to-energy (WtE) technology: an innovative solution that could see our trash become the UK's next energy treasure. Let’s take a closer look at what defines WtE, and what it could mean for your business?

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Why proper waste segregation matters in the commercial sector

All businesses produce waste. Regardless of your size, location or industry, there will always be waste when it comes to running a business. What sets responsible businesses apart is how they manage their waste, reusing, reducing, recycling and, of course, segregating where possible.


How might climate change affect the UK’s water supply?

The climate crisis impacts every factor of modern life, from weather to agriculture to business. Today’s organisations have a responsibility to step up when it comes to sustainability, regardless of size or industry. This means adjusting your business infrastructure to reflect a greener model, whether through energy, waste, or water.


Keeping a handle on business overheads in a cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis has impacted us all, but simple changes can make a big difference for businesses and individuals.

Here are five factors to consider when trying to effectively manage business cashflow during the cost of living crisis. 

leaky tap

Why you can’t afford to ignore your leaky taps

A leaky tap might seem like a small issue, but over time to costs can rack up.

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Avoiding a wasteful January: how to dispose of Christmas rubbish responsibly

January is a time for fresh starts, so here’s how to leave the festive waste behind

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Water audits: what’s the point?

Enter water audits, designed to help businesses make sense of their water supply. But what exactly are water audits, and why are they so crucial for organisations today? Let’s take a closer look.

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My pipes have frozen. What should I do?

Business owners need to be smart when it comes to the risk of frozen pipes, taking the necessary steps to reduce their risk and deal with issues swiftly should they occur. Understanding the steps to take when faced with frozen pipes is crucial for any business to mitigate risks and maintain continuity.

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Understanding the lifecycle of your commercial waste: from pickup to processing

The lifecycle of commercial waste is a critical process that every business should understand. This knowledge not only helps in meeting legal obligations but also contributes to environmental sustainability. We’re going to take a look at each stage of this lifecycle, from collection to processing.


Here are some of the sectors that can really benefit from comparing commercial water suppliers

While domestic consumers often have limited choice when it comes to water suppliers, commercial sectors often have the flexibility to choose among multiple suppliers. By comparing commercial water suppliers, businesses can identify cost-saving opportunities, improved service, and eco-friendly options. 

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Recycling in the UK: how are businesses doing?

How are UK businesses doing when it comes to meeting recycling expectations, and how much further do industries need to go to truly go green? Let’s take a look.

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How your business can benefit from a zero-waste policy

For many businesses, zero waste is the goal. Adopting a zero-waste policy is not just a moral imperative but also a strategic business decision. Shifting towards zero waste can offer a plethora of benefits, ranging from cost savings to enhanced brand image.

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Five key water takeaways from the 2023 Environmental Improvement Plan

Setting out actions that need to be taken to restore nature and tackle pollution, the Environmental Improvement Plan impacts businesses across all industries

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A deep dive into recycling: best practices for commercial enterprises

For decades, recycling has been an essential part of waste management. However, in the face of mounting environmental concerns, its importance has never been more apparent. Today, recycling is an essential requirement for organisations of all shapes, sizes and sectors – not just in the UK but globally. 

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Welsh recycling laws are changing: everything you need to know

The Welsh government has announced that it will be introducing Workplace Recycling Regulations from the 6th April 2024. But what do these changes mean for your organisation, and what do you need to do to follow the guidelines?


The dangers of failing to dispose of electronics correctly

All businesses have a responsibility to ensure effective waste management, particularly when it comes to electricals.

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Seven waste management innovations that could change the future of the industry

Finding the right waste management solutions can benefit your business in the long run. So, let’s take a closer look at seven waste management innovations that are helping businesses take back control of their waste disposal and renewal.

Between two and three billion people around the world are experiencing water shortages, and these figures are set to grow

Should you be concerned about a global water crisis?

Between two and three billion people around the world are experiencing water shortages, and these figures are set to grow


Whitewater, greywater and blackwater: an introduction

For most of us, being able to turn on the tap and have clean running water at our fingertips is something we take for granted. But there’s a lot more that goes into water supply than you might think.

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How can a modern utility provider add value to your business?

If you aren’t paying attention to business overheads such as energy, waste and water, those monthly outgoings can quickly eat into any income that your company generates. So, finding the right utility provider is essential in order to ensure that you stay in control of your monthly spending and avoid unnecessary expenditure. 

Ensuring your business is prepared for colder weather could save you thousands. Remember, providing regular meter reads (at least monthly) can protect you from shock bills!

Ice, ice, safety: Protect your business from the winter weather

Ensuring your business is prepared for colder weather could save you thousands.

Here are our top tips to protect your pipes and pounds!

Customer saving money on water bills

Update: Return to Sewer changes

Several wholesalers across England have reviewed their standard Return to Sewer (RTS) rates and confirmed a change to the charges that apply to those rates as of 1st April 2023...

Save on your water and Business Utilities with Everflow

Update: Scottish rateable value charges

Following the non-domestic rates revaluation in Scotland which took effect from 1st April 2023, the charges applicable to your supply may have changed...

Water industry and climate change

What the water industry is doing to protect the environment and improve life

Climate change is the defining issue of the modern age. Unless we all take significant action to protect the planet, our civilisation will be irrevocably damaged over the coming decades...

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5 ways that tech is helping to move the water industry forward

It’s often easy for companies and households in the UK looking to improve their impact on the planet to overlook water supply. In a country where we always talk about the weather, we often don’t think twice about...

How Everflow Utilities are working to close the gender pay gap

Gender gap in waste? What a load of rubbish!

I started Everflow in April 2021 as a Customer Service Advisor in water. In May 2022 I secured a position as Customer Support in Waste and became a Waste Management Co-ordinator in February of this year...

Water efficiency award winners

Our first Water Efficiency Award winners!

DDW at Burton on Trent is a food colouring manufacturer, and part of a Swiss global company called Givaudan...

water license

Transfer note

*Notice of Application to Transfer a Water Licence and Sewerage Services Licence *...


Top tips for becoming more sustainable as a business

While we love warm weather, the extreme changes in our climate are not to be ignored. At Everflow, our mission to carbon-neutrality and achieving Net-Zero means that we’ll take whatever steps we can to reduce climate change and global warming...

Carbon reduction

Carbon reduction – 2021 report and plan for 2022

Climate change is an existential threat to our planet, the human race and our way of life. It is also creating wide injustices across the world. We want to be part of the solution, rather than one of the causes of the problem...

Washing fruit and veg under water supplies

Sustainable Water Strategy 2021-23

Everflow wants to be the water retailer that everyone chooses. We do this by making water simple and delivering great service and low bills for customers...

Save your energy bills by washing hands in cold water

Save your energy bills by washing hands in cold water!

Water use unsurprisingly increased during the pandemic due to increased handwashing. But did you know that water can only kill germs on its own when it's so hot that it would scald your hands? Getting a good lather with any soap is what actually removes germs from your hands...

Everflow helping customers save money and water

How we help customers save water (and money!)

88% of people want the businesses and organisations they use to be environmentally friendly. So greening your business will help you attract and retain customers...

Water bill savings

Ways to save on your water bill

Having regular meter readings keeps your bills as accurate as possible, as well as helping to spot any leaks or problems. You can read more about why meter readings are important, and how to take them here...

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Water Efficiency Guide

As the population grows and we see changes to our climate, there are increasing pressures on our water supply. The Environment Agency has estimated that in 25 years, the UK will not have enough water to meet the demand...

person managing utility bills as a business

Managing utility bills as a business

It's important to understand your invoice and be aware of which period you're being charged for. Our invoices have been created for ease of use, so it won't take you long to understand the breakdowns...

person carrying out a leak test

How to carry out a leak test

Leaks can waste a lot of water if they're not fixed quickly. If you think you've got a leak and have a water meter, try the following:...

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What is a SPID?

When it comes to utility bills, the acronyms can be confusing! Here's a brief outline of what a SPID is, and what SPIDS are used for...

A factory saving on their Business waste management services


Important notice:
Please contact your wholesaler immediately if you experience any changes to your water supply or wastewater services such as a water shortage...

VAT and business utilities

Will I be charged VAT on my water bill?

If you run a non-industrial business, you may be exempt from paying VAT on your water supply. If you run an industrial company, whether you will pay VAT on your commercial water bill depends on your main business activities as determined by your SIC code...

Frozen water pipe business water suppliers

Frozen Pipes Guide

Winter and the colder months bring the cold and with that, water inside exposed pipework and garden taps can freeze. Once frozen, water turns to ice, then expands...

man filling water from tap after changing business water supplier

Business Water Guide

In April 2017 England joined Scotland in opening its business water market for competition. This meant non-household customers no longer had to buy their water and wastewater services from their regional wholesaler. Instead, they can shop around for the best deal...