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Key benefits of a digital voice (VoIP) phone solution

Save time & money

Not only is a VoIP cheaper, you'll avoid losing business hours due to your service cutting out. Ofcom reported a 60% increase in lost hours among analogue customers in 2023.

The big switch off

Analogue networks are being turned off since they're no longer fit for modern usage. Get prepared for the switch off now.

Suits hybrid & remote working

For businesses that support hybrid or remote working, VoIP can sync office, mobile and home phones, enabling staff to utilise one easy-to-use system.

Extra features

Workers can easily redirect callers to different departments, utilise a queuing system if call volumes are high, and incorporate professional greetings or out-of-office messages where necessary.



Key benefits of fibre broadband


Boost your business efficiency with our next gen fibre broadband. It offers ultrafast speeds of up to 330 MBs download and 50 MBs upload.


Sick of your internet cutting out? Say goodbye to buffering and outage issues with our fibre broadband!


Fibre broadband solutions are much more secure than traditional internet connections.

Tailored to you

We have flexible options and pricing, to provide a service tailored to your business type and size. Scroll down to see your options.

Why Everflow?

Keep things simple with multiple utilities from a single, 'Excellent'-rated provider.

Benefit from Everflow’s transparent, great value pricing, ‘Excellent’-rated customer service and environmental credentials – all while securing a further discount for switching multiple utilities to us!

We’re making utilities simple so you can focus on running your business.


Find the right business connectivity bundle for you

Whether you’re a small business or a larger organisation with hundreds of employees we can offer business broadband and phone bundles to improve communication, enhance connectivity and save on overheads. Check them out below:

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Please note, our connectivity contracts are subject to eligibility. Please click here for further information on eligibility or click here for bundle charges information.

Our Evernet and Everconnect packages include SoGEA broadband. 

SoGEA stands for ‘Single order generic ethernet access’. It’s fibre broadband without the need for a landline and is an upgrade from FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) because it provides the same, speedy service but doesn’t require landline cables to set up!  

Which is great because landline services are being switched off across the UK – you will soon require a digital solution to continue using your business’s phone system.  

To use your business’s phone system with SoGEA, you simply need to opt for our Everconnect package, which includes digital voice. With this package your phone is connected to your router, allowing the voice frequencies to run over the same line as the broadband frequencies. 

SoGea is our most cost-effective broadband solution, perfect for businesses that only need a high-speed internet connection for basic tasks such as email, web browsing, and online collaboration. It offers broadband speeds of up to 80MBs download and 20MBs upload. 

If your business requires large amounts of data transfer, then our full fibre option. FTTP, is the one for you.  

Both our Evernet+ and Everconnect+ packages include this superfast full fibre option. 

FTTP stands for ‘Fibre to the Premises’, it’s supplied by fibre optic cables from your local internet exchange — a physical location where network providers transmit internet data — directly to your business's premises.  

Since it’s a full fibre solution, it offers superfast speeds of 330MBs download and 50MBs upload. 

If you want want a phone package included with your broadband, you can opt for our Everconnect+ package, which includes digital voice. With this package, you don’t even require an engineer to install it, meaning it can be switched on quickly and remotely! 

FTTP is faster than SoGEA as it's a full fibre option, so if your business requires large amounts of data transfer, then its worth investing in FTTP.

Everflow’s digital voice solution allows you to use your business phone from anywhere.  

You can make business calls from any location, on any device, simply using an internet connection.   

Other benefits include being able to sync office, mobile and home phones, enabling employees to utilise one easy-to-use system and encouraging teamwork with features such as conference calling, HD calling and call forwarding, making it easy for employees to stay in touch with each other.