Update: Return to Sewer changes

Several wholesalers across England have reviewed their standard Return to Sewer (RTS) rates and confirmed a change to the charges that apply to those rates as of 1st April 2023.

Most wholesalers who made this change have reduced their rate from 100% to 95%, recognising that not all water consumed is returned to the sewer.

For customers who are supplied by these wholesalers, this means you will now only be charged for 95% of your used water returning to the sewer rather than 100%.

If you are impacted by this change, there is nothing you need to do as your account will be automatically updated and the charges backdated to the effective date agreed by your wholesaler (1st April 2023).

An adjustment will be added to your account which can be identified on your invoice by the message ‘Field Return to Sewer change’.

If you want to learn more about RTS and what it means for you, please click here for further information.

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