Top tips for becoming more sustainable as a business



While we love warm weather, the extreme changes in our climate are not to be ignored. At Everflow, our mission to carbon-neutrality and achieving Net-Zero means that we’ll take whatever steps we can to reduce climate change and global warming.

So, as a business, how can you help to improve business sustainability?

Switch to a clean energy utilities provider.
A simple but efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint is research and find utility providers that are clean energy and carbon neutral. Be sure your new supplier operates their own renewables or only purchases from renewable generators for maximum efficiency.

Switch off equipment and electricals overnight.
Sounds obvious, but switching off computers, light switches and other electrical devices can really make a difference. Did you know, 46% of business energy consumption happens between 5pm-7am

Electric car charging as an example of Business sustainability


Consider upgrading to an electric vehicle (EV)
With petrol and diesel cars being banned for sale from 2030, the time to switch is now! Encouraging employees to switch to an EV will reduce your business's carbon footprint and your employees' commuting costs significantly. Why not consider an EV scheme too? Everflow currently offers Octopus Energy’s electric vehicle scheme for our staff.

Go remote
Cutting out commuting means fewer carbon emissions, which means one step closer to neutrality! If you haven’t already, invest in virtual meeting software, such as Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Slack. Plus, less travel time has been proven to boost productivity!

Measure your carbon footprint
The Carbon Trust has created this handy calculator, so you can keep on top of your measurements and see where you could be making more of an impact.

Consider solar energy
Solar panel-generated energy pays for itself around 4-5 years after installation, so it’s a great green investment. Solar PV panels generate clean, carbon-free electricity which you can use onsite, store in a battery to use later, or sell back to the electricity grid.

Promote the cause for business sustainability
65% of prospective employees find carbon-conscious companies appealing when applying for jobs, so make sure you promote your green choices, sign up for cause-worthy newsletters and post some blogs about your journey.

Toe the line and check in with your suppliers
A business is only as good as its product; so, make sure if you’re taking the net-zero journey that your suppliers are doing their part too. If you find they are falling short, research greener alternatives. We are doing our bit by being the UK’s first carbon-neutral water supplier!

Sign the climate pledge today, just as we have!

Good luck with your journey to greener pastures, your customers and staff will thank you for it!