What is an EcoMOT?

We want to help you cut costs, reduce your environmental footprint and ensure efficient use of resources. To make all this simple, we are excited to introduce our new EcoMOTs. On average, you'll save at least 30% on your current water bill and make your money back within one to two years!


A quick and simple process


1 - initial call

An initial call with an environmental advisor, who will make sure a visit will be beneficial and determine the work required.


2 - site visit

A site visit from an expert who will identify opportunities for energy savings, fix any leaking appliances and fit water saving devices.


3 - bespoke report

You'll receive a simple, bespoke energy and water savings report showing savings you've made from our visit and further potential for energy savings.


You could also reduce your energy bill

Pumping, treating and heating water all uses energy- reducing your water usage, reduces the energy and the bills. Over 5% of the UK’s annual carbon dioxide emissions stems from heating water! So by saving on the water, you would be reducing you impact on the environment, whilst also improving your carbon footprint.

Benefits for you and the environment...

Reduce your usage, save on your bills

You'll save at least 30% on your water bill and could save on your energy bill too!

Protect the Environment

Saving water and the wildlife that depend on it.

One simple and efficient package

Our experts will start fitting on the same day as your assessment.

Make back your money in one to two years

through savings on your bill.

Why it matters

“People might wonder how a country with such a reputation for rain like the UK could reach a tipping point where demand for water outstrips supply in just 25 years. But this may become a reality if we don't take action to save water now.” - SIR JAMES BEVAN, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF THE ENVIRONMENT AGENCY, 2020.

The hotter and drier summers we are experiencing push us into periods of water stress that our growing population continue to escalate. 44% of supply points are in areas of serious water stress, therefore, it is vital we act now so your businesses can be resilient to future climate changes. 

why it matters

Hear from our environmental team...

“Everflow are unique in the way we charge for water so that we are really motivated to help our customers reduce how much they use to lower their bills and meet their sustainability goals like Net Zero.

We’ve brought together several services into a simple package that targets the most impactful ways businesses can reduce their energy and water bills. We’ve also accessed funding to make it even better value. I’m really excited to be helping businesses make savings that will benefit them, and the planet, for many years to come. EcoMOTs are a very worthwhile investment for most businesses – we make sure of it.” - Clare

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